Gigaset is enriching its traditional telephone offering with a smart home experience. Let's make the offering easy to browse and more personalized whilst setting up growth experiments.

Smart home is a hot market but no one has been really successful. There is a huge challenge in bringing these kinds of products closer to the larger audience. Everyone needs a smartphone, but why do you need a smart home?

Customers don't find the right information or they find it hard to comprehend and digest what is offered. The biggest difficulty is to attract people to smart home products, which are very complex to explain, in a more playful way.
We did a fully remote Design Sprints in Miro as Covid was a reality. Because of the well tested process and experienced team, this was no deal breaker, we were able to deliver the exact same qualitative workshops and process our clients expect from us.
Smart home branding, design system, user interface, user experience, interactive prototype, user testing, UI mockups, design sprint report: strategic advice and next steps.
We designed, built and shipped a new commerce website in just two weeks, which we launched with relevant ads to gather customer data through the built-in survey tool.

The client was impressed by the results and continued with some dedicated growth sprints to further optimize the website and increase the learnings.
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