Healthblocks creates tailored digital health solutions, faster. By building an application from a set of customizable blocks, you can focus on what really matters: great content and your patients.

Building digital health solutions from the ground up is no easy feat. It's an expensive, complex, and very time-consuming process. Add the seemingly insurmountable compliance, safety, and privacy concerns to the mix.

Enter Healthblocks. A subscription-based platform that allows you to very quickly piece together high-end digital health solutions. Choose from a wide array of building blocks to create the tailor-made user experience you're after; think of it as LEGO for mobile health applications. With the difference that the individual pieces are all GDPR-compliant, ISO-certified and user-validated. It's an engaging, cost-efficient, and compliant alternative to the otherwise cumbersome process of having to develop a solution from scratch.
Design Sprint and Execution Sprints
Logo, branding, design system, user interface, user experience, user testing, UI mockups, design sprint report: strategic advice and next steps, customer & investor pitch deck.

I'm responsible for the branding and public appearance, kudos to Emma Martens for building the application blocks and blocks design system.
The pitch deck we created was used to acquire the first customers. Healthblocks is now a standalone company with several active clients and hiring top talent.
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