Paqet simplifies last-mile delivery of parcels. Everyone becomes a pick-up point. Your trusted neighbour is at home often and, hence, can receive parcels for many people in the same region.
After a good intake process with the founders, the strategy team set up a design sprint to frame the challenge and goals for the young startup. I created the brand, designed the prototype, mockups, and delivered an investor presentation that the company needed to present to clients and investors.
While online shopping is soaring, there are still many problems in the actual delivery of the parcel. Home delivery during office hours is the standard, all while many people aren’t home during drop-off times. This results in 10% of parcels that can’t be delivered on first attempt, and many frustrated and recipients that are impatiently waiting for their parcel to be delivered. Paqet is trying to optimise last-mile delivery by turning possibly 'everyone' into a pick-up point.
In several Design Sprints with Zero‘s product team, we created new product features, turned them into interactive prototypes and tested them with both experienced Zero users and beginners to intermittent fasting. This allowed us to make rapid, user-validated progress in very short cycles.
Identity & logo, brand assets, design system, user interface, user experience, interactive prototype, user testing, design sprint report, UI mockups, investor presentation.
The founders became fully aligned on the company's goals and challenges, and transformed their idea in a tangible solution that was tested with users.

A professional brand was created to highlight the company's professionalism and ambition.

The investor pitch deck was received enthusiastically bij investors and convinced a national postal service to start a partnership.
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