As a UX strategist I care about the user journey. After discovering a new product or service, you’ll want to find more information.
A delightful website or intuitive onboarding experience may convert you into a client. Will you remain a loyal customer, will you share your experience with friends?

Achieving a satisfying user experience requires a combination of users needs, business objectives and technology. Once these are set, we'll focus on the design and execution of a digital solution.

Trained as an M.Sc. in architecture with additional courses in business economics and product design, I’m passionate about complex projects that result in a fresh and creative solution that satisfy both business and end-users.



Having started a few business from scratch, I know the importance of bootstrapping and lean methodologies to understand target customers and validating a sustainable business model. Other aspects like role management, budget planning and scaling-up are crucial for a successful venture.

Business & Service Design

Exploring to find a better business model never stops. With continuous changing markets and technologies, staying ahead with new business initiatives and innovations is crucial. Service design tools help to shape services with the end user in mind.

User Experience & Interface Design

Starting with a deep understanding of your customer is the only way to create a successful business. These ideas are converted into interface designs that define the user experience of digital products and services.


If content is king, conversion is queen. Targeted campaigns are only useful when customers land on relevant landing pages and clear call-to-actions take them to the next step.

Visual Design

A strong visual identity runs from your app, website, marketing efforts to print. Protecting brand consistency is key, and requires excellent skills in visual design.


Whether it's hanging out with friends, family get togethers or work, my camera is always with me to capture the moments I love.
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"Starting a business is tough, starting a successful one, even tougher. This is the story of my first international business. A long journey of twists, turns, and pivots, that led to the eventual success of our health startup, TripMedic."

Building a Global Health Startup: A Look Behind the Scenes →

"As a freelance UX (User Experience) designer and strategist, I work with a variety of organizations and businesses. It has never ceased to amaze me how large the gap is between those who “get it” and those who simply do not. So, I decided to compile a list of 10 essentials I wish all companies understood."

10 UX essentials to build a successful business →



Multilingual medical matching service that allows travellers and expats to instantly find qualitative practitioners who speak their language all over the world.

Since the early days of the project in 2014, we raised over €1,200,000 in funding through various accelerators, competitions and investors. We cover 30+ major cities around the world.


  • Business strategy
  • Pitching and fundraising
  • Service design
  • Interaction & interface design
  • Setting up a design system
  • Visual design & branding
  • Frontend dev and UX team management
  • Legal oversight
  • Internal company communication & collaboration


  • Distributed team all over Europe
  • Limited resources to build global service
  • Rapid changing business model & competitive environment
  • Development bottleneck

Systemic Design Toolkit

Systemic design is a methodology to analyse complex issues and to develop products, services, systems and organisations in such a way that they leverage towards societal change and impact.

The toolkit establishes a common understanding and language, enabling dialogue among stakeholders, including designers. It offers methods and hands-on tools for co-analysis of complex challenges and co-creation of systemic solutions.


  • Project management
  • Business model design
  • User interface design
  • Responsive website development
  • Visual design web


    As interaction and user experience consultant I had the pleasure to work with teams of various companies and international organisations. The focus of most projects was interaction design, service design or user research.


    • Field studies to gather user requirements
    • Facilitating design and strategy workshops
    • Creating user interface mockups
    • Close collaboration with development teams
    • User testing of services and interfaces
    • Using service design tools with clients


    • AG Insurance
    • Eurocontrol
    • European Commission
    • Flemish Government
    • Siemens
    • Sony Europe
    • Newtec
    • Worldline
    siemens caseNAMAHN.COM

    Caesars Report

    Brings daily news on junior mining companies. Provides coverage of resource stocks that offer an attractive risk/reward ratio.

    During my studies of architecture in 2008, my co-founder and I decided to set up an investment newsletter aimed at financially analysing listed mining companies. We bootstrapped for years finding the right business model and building brand awareness.


    • Business strategy
    • Digital experience & platforms
    • Social media strategy
    • Google, Facebook & Linkedin lead advertising
    • Visual design & branding
    • Photography


    • Starting with no brand awareness or resources
    • Learning a large set of skills along the way
    • Market penetration
    • Finding a working business model